This evocative, atmospheric winter shoot is based on the stories of the Icelandic ‘Hidden People’ or Huldufólk.
The Hidden People in the Icelandic legends are described as beautiful powerful, alluring beings living inside the rocks and the mountains. Stories about the Hidden People often involve people being ‘taken’ by them to their underworld where there would be eating, drinking, dancing and singing. The Hidden People are described as either completely good, or absolutely evil. In Íris and Fridrik’s story, we see into a future where a woman of the Hidden People emerges from the underworld and is furious at the effect humans have had on the natural surroundings, with their constant building and pollution of the air. The story boldly features Icelandic actress, Saga Garðarsdóttir, whose striking, beautiful presence gets over the fury and the sadness her character feels.

Featuring designs by some wonderful Icelandic fashion houses, the concept fits perfectly the strong references to old customs, landscape and culture which often surface in design from the volcanic landscape of the Northerly island. The fashion sits as if it belongs in the Icelandic landscape and is part of the folklore stories.


Styling and Art direction: Friðrik Árnason
Model: Saga Garðarsdóttir
Make up: Henrike Muller
Designers: Leynibúðin Collective, Líber, Birna Magg, Mundi and Volcano
Published in Flux Magazine, November 2013 and in Blue Stage Magazine December 2014.
Hellisheiði, Iceland. 2013

2013 Flux Magazine Editorial